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Go2Games operates from the heart of Croydon, reaching out to gamers across the UK and EU. Started by four friends native to the borough, today our entire workforce is from the local community, representing the diversity that runs all the way through Croydon. During the pandemic we have built upon our foundational commitment to education, training and skills in the borough - and here is how:

Go2Games has cultivated a deep relationship with Croydon College, taking on a number of apprentices who have been nothing short of brilliant in their application and dedication to the work they have been given. Upon leaving us, they will have accrued key experience and skills in the workplace plus a good reference which they will then hopefully use as a springboard to further, sustained success in their future careers

Since May 2021, Go2Games have been in partnership with the local social enterprise Fashion Meets Music, taking up a space on the shop floor to promote new releases and a selection of our wide stock range, to offer shoppers at Centrale a free gaming experience with Nintendo Switches, PS5s with classic games and new releases – but most importantly, to offer an array of traineeships and accredited work experience for the people of Croydon. We are currently running a Kickstart scheme from the shop, providing employment to some amazingly talented young, local content creators, post-production crew, streamers and social media administrators – all of whom are now heading up the effort across our social media platforms.

Due to the pandemic, Go2Games has been able to successfully pivot where important, for many of its workers to work from home, giving them all the requisite support and resources necessary for them to carry out their work efficiently which has increased their productivity.

Whether it be for our existing colleagues or new apprentices and workers, Go2Games has provided new opportunities, support, training and skills - and the result is an incredibly happy and creative place to work, where everyone has an equal say - and this is why we believe you should vote for us.

Building a post-pandemic world, Go2Games aims to pivot further towards building an educational platform based on offering accredited training on a host of areas related to customer service, sales, content creation, social media management, game creation and more.

GO2GAMES specialises in video games and consoles in the following formats

With the exception of Pre-Orders, all items are held in physical stock, therefore minimising any delays between order and shipping. Go2Games.com offers International shipping,

with free delivery on all UK orders. We aim to ship all items same or next working day via our trusted delivery network.

Personal customer service is of high priority. With a friendly team working nonstop behind the scenes, Go2Games are committed to offering unrivalled customer care, with an average customer feedback rating of 99% across all selling channels.

Go2Games.com offers comprehensive aftercare should customers have any issues with their purchases, including Freepost returns if customers are not entirely satisfied with any purchase

Our company ethos is based around providing a high level of service in every department from purchasing to sales.

The pandemic created extreme challenges, with increased orders and understandable expectation from customers as well as working continuously to safeguard our staff. This has influenced some of our review scores specifically relating to service and postage delays.

We hope with your help and support we will be able to raise the bar back to where we were pre pandemic and provide the best experience possible for our customers who mean so much to our development and journey.

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